Presley Maddox Can Still Fuck Like a Dirty Slut

Models: James Deen, Presley Maddox

Categories: 4K UHD, Big Dick, Big Tits, Brunette, Creampie, Cuckold, Emo, Great Ass, Hipster, Reality, Shaved Pussy, Tattooed

Presley Maddox wears a super sexy skin-tight black dress that shows off her big tits and ass. She says she hasn't gotten fucked in a while and can't wait to be treated like the dirty little slut that she is. James Deen kisses her and squeezes her tits over her dress, then turns her over and lifts her dress to show off that lovely as of hers. James kisses her and rubs his throbbing boner on her, to let her know that he's not fucking around. He turns her and splays her on the bed and spreads her legs, he shoves his face in her pussy, rubbing her clit with his nose and stabbing his tongue into her vagina as she lightly moans. He releases her tits from her dress and squeezes them as he licks her moist pussy. She sits up and drops his pants to his knees and the muscle memory brings her mouth to his cock and she begins to suck, lick, and stroke his big dick as he holds her hair to get a better look as his cock goes in and out of her mouth. He makes her kneel and face fucks her like the dirty slut she is. Then he leads her to the bed and spreads her legs to shove his cock into her wet pussy. Presley looks down at his dick penetrating her pussy and she moans with every inch of his cock; she begs for him to choke her, he agrees. As she moans and gasps for air he continues to fuck her furiously, she begs for him to go deeper and he lifts her leg for better leverage and maximum amount of cock. He gets bored with her face and turns her over to fuck in doggystyle, she grasps the headrest as she's barely able to stay up from her knees buckling under her from his big cock paralyzing her. He pulls her hair back and fucks her harder and she moans and grunts from the pleasure he's giving her. Her pussy needs a break from his cock and begins to suck him off like her mouth is a magnet and his cock is metal; she deepthroats him until she can't breathe and tears start building up in her eyes, but she smiles. Her pussy begs for his cock and she straddles him and rides him like a bucking bronco. He tires of her riding and begins to fuck her with furious speed, she screams and moans in pleasure giving a slight smile and giggle. He places Presley on the bed and stands to fuck her and grab and pinch her tits, she moans and groans. Presley makes him stop because she needs a break from his massive cock, she steps away to cool off her pussy by the AC. she licks and sucks his cock and tells him to fuck her until she cums. He fucks and spanks her, and she begs for him to cum in her.

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