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April Aniston

April Harmon is a brand new teenage slut who loves to fuck. This horny teen can't keep her pussy to herself. She loves to suck cock and deep throat. The sloppier and sluttier she can be the better. April wants to live on her knees with multiple guys taking turns on her young mouth. April just recently entered the porn industry and is very excited to give everything a try. She is not experienced yet, but she knows she will be one of the favorite sluts in porn.

April loves sex. She has had anal sex a few times and likes it very much. She is excited to start her porn career to feel different dicks in her pussy and asshole all the time. April is from a small town in the mid west. She never got a chance to be her true slutty self when at home. Now she can run around and let different guys take turns on her slutty young holes all the time.

Blonde and tall, this slut is a head turner. April Harmon has a natural body and perky young tits. She and a shapely ass and flat stomach. She likes to keep her pussy shaved and hairless. April also loves dirty talk. She wants to know her tight young pussy is squeezing the dick of whoever is fucking her. April lives to hear that she is a good slut.

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20:29 | 2019-07-19