Vivienne Wynter Applies To Make A Sex Tape


Ever tried so hard to look good and end up getting fucked? Vivienne Wynter tried looking like a Kardashian. Well, she almost looks like them. But since that’s done, what’s more to do? We gotta do something about it, right? Good thing we have James Deen, the handy man, to do something about it. We’re pretty sure he’s gonna do something fucked so stay tuned. As usual, James carries a camera around to document his adventures and he has Vivienne to accompany him. To start this, he puts this camera down and lets Vivienne do what she do best. She kneels down and pulls out his fat cock. After jacking him off for a moment, she starts sucking the tip and eventually the whole thing. James picks up the camera after a while to give the viewers some good fuck face of Vivienne. When that’s done, Vivienne pauses and did some strip tease for James. She slowly takes off her clothes, revealing some wonderful things about her, specifically her big tits and nice ass. James now proceeds to sit down and let this Kardashian-looking slut ride his cock to her liking. She licked his dick for a little and started having that dick inside her. She goes up and down, eventually looking the other way to give the viewers a good look of her getting fucked hard. With the change of camera’s place, they also had a change of pace. James drags Vivienne to the table to have her spread herself out. As she lie on her back with her legs spread open, James buries his face into her crotch to taste the rainbow. James then stops and continues screwing her right in the pussy and holding one leg up. They eventually go back to their previous spot with the same position as before. They did this for a while and James dragged her ass again to the table to bend her over. This cycle continued until James can’t take it anymore. In the end, James busts his nut all over Vivienne.


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