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Being on standby doing nothing feels like one of the best thing you want after a long day of work. It may be satisfying at times, too. If you’re wondering how, just ask Ashlee Graham here when she get on the backstage doing nothing with James Deen. It’s one of those times where we get a special segment from James where he carries a camera around, hunting friends for some fuck. They were just hanging around, waiting for their time at work. They were just sitting around talking about whatever, like friends or work friends do. It was very casual and light. It was that way when James and Ashlee decide to just fuck out of pure boredom. It was honest and straightforward, like how James will fuck Ashlee in few moments. Once inside the room, Ashlee sits on the bed and just lets James do what he wants. He did and slowly takes off her top to reveal those big tits. He starts sucking on them nips and slowly progressed downwards to her pussy. His tongue dances with her clit for a bit before making her do the same treatment to his fat dick. He lies down and gets ready for it. Ashlee follows and does it with skill. Moving on, they went for the real thing. James gets up, raises one of her legs and starts pumping her pussy with his fat dick. Ashlee rubs her clit to the pleasure stuff completely. They even move over to the chair for some other position. James bent Ashlee over it and continued fucking her cunt hole with the same energy. Ashlee get to ride his dick eventually. James implied that he’s gonna be done soon. Ashlee kneels down before him and James grabs the camera to show the audience how she will do it. With a POV mode on, Ashlee jacks and sucks him off until he gives off his cum.


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