Ivy Lebelle Says, "Come Over And Fuck Me"


Inviting James Deen over is one of the most relaxing thing Ivy Belle ever did. Of course, relaxing, considering how slutty this hipster slut is, means that she’s gonna get her pussy filled with a fat dick in few moments. James hanging out with his friends along with his camera has some nice implications. Most of the time, he shoots a ‘vlog’ with his friends just to record his reality fucking, which is really nice. After some light conversation with Ivy, they eventually end up in the room to get the fuck on. Ivy sits on the bed and James stand before her. Starting with gentle strokes and slow undressing, the two starts to get into it. Ivy brings out his fat cock and James exposes her large tits. Ivy eventually lie on her back and spreads her legs. James follows and starts eating her pussy out. Ivy needs to bring back the favor, so James made Ivy kneel before him and starts shoving his fat dick into her mouth, making her slurp and gag at the same time. James handles her by the neck to properly have her in place. James now places her on the bed again and now begins shoving his dick into her pussy. He goes at it for a good minute until Ivy decided that she wants to go on top too. James lie down and just relaxed while Ivy uses his dick like a mount to pleasure both of them. Eventually, James takes the power back and made Ivy go on all fours. He continued the fucking but in the way he does best. This rough fucking continues until he had to make a release. A release that spreads all over Ivy’s face. Ivy worked that release out when she knelt down and sucked that very essence from his dick.


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