Abbie Maley Is The Best Cock Slut Around


Wednesday Parker has gone full porno under her real name Abbie Maley. She still is a total slut for James Deen and follows him around begging for rough sex until he pulls out his cock and gives the young slut what she craves. He drops his pants down for her and she instinctively grabs it and slides her tongue along his shaft, sucking his head and shoving him whole in her mouth until she gags and coughs as it reaches the back of her throat and she laughs because she knew she wouldn’t be able to fit his cock all the way down her throat. He drags over to the couch and rams his cock down her throat as he rubs her pussy over her shorts, he then annoyingly rips them off. He finally shoves his cock in her pussy and fucks her all over the couch, Abbie finally getting what she wanted and be filled by James’ cock, but can she handle his aggressive style? Yes, indeed, the rougher he is the more she seems to love it, smiling at almost every point that he fucks her. He spanks her, pulls her hair, chokes her, and gives her the roughest fuck and Abbie happily takes it all. He shoves his cock in her mouth and covers her eyes, waking up Abbie’s unused senses and fucks her face, she loves it. Abbie rides him on the chair, holding on to him for dear life as he fucks her viciously and spanks her ass raw. He tosses her over to the couch again and she licks his cock clean. He spreads her legs wide and fucks her deep, long dick style. Although Abbie looks and is disheveled she’s loving every stroke, ever grasp at her neck, and every spank, just because she gets to be fucked by James. She strokes his massive cock while she fingers and rubs her pussy. He gets her on all fours on the floor, shoving her face into the rug and fucks her raw throbbing pussy until she cums. He makes her get on her knees and rams his cock in her mouth, she licks and sucks until he cums in her mouth and face, Abbie lathers his hot load all over and is immensely pleased and satisfied.


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