Ana Foxxx Blames the Slut-Haters


Ana Foxxx lounges around the bathroom with her most favourite suit on— the birthday one. James, holding the camera, talks about some of the comments he read about her. Some are hateful and some are just okay. This didn’t change the fact that she’s conversing while in the tub playing with herself. This chick had the time to flick her clit and play with her small tits while talking. She uses some toy in the tub too, just not the rubber ducky kind of toy. But the fun is quite limited in just staying in the tub. She gets out, tidy herself up and move over to the other room. She walks around naked for some time until eventually giving in and starts sucking on James’ dick. After some choking noises, James puts down the camera and gets back to her to give her full attention. He made a little fuck hole on that mouth until he gets down on her. Ana, still sitting on the chair with her legs up, gets the dick to fuck her. He pounds that meat for a while. After some time, he grabs the camera to do a zoom on her pussy. He documents the thing until he puts the camera down again to fuck Ana. He folds Ana’s leg aside starts stuffing her insides with his mighty dick. Ana goes on top after wards but that doesn’t last long. It was nice seeing Ana get screwed from behind as her ass cheeks vibrate in every thrust. James brings his control back fucking her as hard as ever. This is the final act. James is nearing his finale. That being said, James filled Ana’s pussy with his white creamy finale. Ana just lie there afterwards examining her cum-filled cunt with a smile. They just converse ever so casually afterwards.


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