Anna Morna Can't Wait To Get Cock


Anna Morna, James Deen


This one of the rare behind the scene footage that you don’t see every day. Apparently, they do warm-up fucking before the actual fucking. With James Deen, he goes behind the closed curtains on one of the scenes with Anna Morna. At first, it was just a normal greeting and casual conversations. James was appointed for picking clothes for Anna to wear. It was like a runway but only for James. Anna puts on different clothes for fitting. But Anna gets a little playful when she was doing this thing. It was fun and games until she crossed a line with James. Anna just sits on James lap for fun. For him, its more than that. They started kissing after some time. Anna slowly gets undressed while this happens. When James was hard as diamonds, he took over the situation. He made Anna bend over on the couch and starts eating her ass. He takes off his clothes in the process. When his dick is out, the backstage fuck fest begins. Anna kneels down to greet his fat dick. The only audible noise you might here at this moment is Anna’s mouth letting out some juicy noises and occasional gagging. It’s only natural. James is hung as a moose. Anna’s mouth can’t possibly keep up with it. When all the pleasantries are done, James sits down on the couch and invites Anna to ride his cock. Even at an amateur-ish mode of this scene, Anna’s nice ass can be seen doing it’s thing. James true personality comes out midway and stars pulling Anna by the hair. He then carried her and slams her on the couch to pound that pussy on his own pace. Anna eventually bends over to get fucked from behind. When he’s about to finish, he lets Anna be on her back, lifts up one leg and fucked that pussy until he finished. James made a bit of a mess inside Anna as he made a little something-something called creampie.


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