Chanel Preston Fucked Hard While on the Phone


Chanel Preston and James Deen are in the kitchen talking. She wears a dark blue sleeveless top and jeans while he dons a long-sleeved plaid polo and jeans. As they talk and prepare for sexy time, Chanel remembers that she has to make an important phone call. The phone call is taking too long and James is becoming impatient that he decides to start making her pussy wet while she is still on it. James takes her pants off and throws it on the floor as he pushes his pants down up to his knees and at the same time removing his top. He rams his big hard cock inside her tight pussy, without any warning. Chanel screams loudly to her surprise, quickly finishing the phone call and taking her top off exposing her enormous tits. James lifts her up and puts her on the table. Chanel’s pussy is not lubricated enough so he decides to have a pussy eating session first. He licks and bites her clit before devouring her womanhood. She arches her back and raises her legs as James thrusts his warm tongue inside her pussy. James then stands up and slams his big hard cock into her wet and tight pussy fucking her at the edge of the table. The porn stars transfer from the table to the black chair near the stairwell. Chanel gives him a blowjob first until his big dick is hard and ready to fuck. James thrusts his big hard cock inside her pussy as she lies down on the chair while he stands at the edge. They then switch to the reverse cowgirl position before finishing their rough sexy time in doggy-style. James Deen orgasms and releases all of his warm cum all over her face. Chanel Preston happily swallows some of it.


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