Chanel Preston's At-Home Sex Tape


Chanel Preston is lounging on the couch wearing sweatpants and a white T-shirt. She doesn’t have any underwear on. James Deen is sitting beside her wearing a moss green long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans. The two talked for too long before they even started making out. James makes the first step. He kisses Chanel on the lips as he takes her sweatpants off. He then lifts both of her legs up, wrapping his arms around her thighs and spreading them wide as he devours her pussy. Chanel personally takes her T-shirt off as James licks and bites her clit. He takes her by surprise as he puts his warm tongue inside her pussy. She almost screams at the sensation as her pussy becomes fucking wet. Chanel, with her big tits exposed, inserts a vibrator into her pussy. James, already naked, approaches her as she is enjoying the sensation that the sex toy is giving her. Seeing his dick, she excitedly grabs it and takes his full-length member into her mouth without hesitation. She sucks his dick until it becomes hard and ready to fuck. James thrusts his big hard dick inside her tight pussy in a missionary position. He turns her to one side, putting her legs together until her pussy is tightly-wrapped around his cock. He then changes sex positions again, fucking her in doggy-style. The brunette beauty and the porn star continue their rough sex in the bedroom. Chanel impatiently waits as James slowly walks to the bed, teasing her. He thrusts his big hard cock into her pussy and fucks her in the scoop-me-up position. James then pulls out and puts Chanel on her fours, entering her from behind and fucking her in doggy-style until he reaches the peak of his orgasm. James pulls out, once again. Knowing that James Deen is about to come, she deepthroats his cock until he orgasms. He returns the favor and plays with her pussy until Chanel Preston comes.


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