Chanel Preston's Lazy Day Bed Fuckfest


Chanel Preston, James Deen


Alright, before anything else, let’s establish the fact that Chanel Preston is a classy lady. She just woke up and her only piece of clothing is her top and nothing else. Her bottom just shows her pussy and her tattooed navel. Quite a spectacle to see. Then they got to the talking about Chanel’s feet. James just goes for it. He started sucking on those toes and Chanel didn’t mind at all. The ticklish feeling just turns something on in her. This playful interaction between the two just slow escalates into something more amazing. It wasn’t long before James just puts the camera down and starts putting his moves on Chanel. Chanel was just lying there then one moment after some kissing, James just pulls his dick out and shoves his dick in her mouth. It’s given that Chanel gags and chokes on that big dick. After a while, James fixed Chanel’s position and gets the pussy in front of him. He starts fucking Chanel’s pussy as soon he was able. While being fucked, Chanel just shows her cheerful personality all throughout. She just giggles every now and then. We think this motivated James to fuck Chanel the way she needs to be fucked. He flips Chanel around to get a different angle and perspective on Chanel’s ass. Chanel’s big tits stay hidden for the most part of this reality hookup. But James is not that selfish. Once Chanel gets on top, he just pulls those big tits. Those are beautiful tits. Once he does this, he slams Chanel on the bed and starts fucking her more vigorously than before. He unloads all his ‘friendliness’ all over Chanel’s body, specifically her tits. It was really nice view of Chanel’s body. They just cuddle a little to bring this scene to finish. This ends with James playing with Chanel’s wet-from-cum nipples.


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