Dana Dearmond Homemade Sex Tape


Dana DeArmond and James Deen are just hanging around and having a casual conversation. After all the talks and jokes, one specific joke stood out the most. “What if we do a sex tape for fun?” It’s a great idea considering they both are good actors in front of the best cameras they usually use. It’s nearly impossible for them to fail at a simple one. So they start doing it on the couch. Dana’s slender body is spread out across the couch. James now sits down besides her and caressed her beautiful thighs. Once he reaches a certain point of it, he undresses her and gives the pussy a little licking. As this happens, Dana’s feet are in the air quivering from the stimulation James gives. It’s a good introduction since his dick is going to pound that same spot later. Now the pleasantries are done, James lies down beside her and start fucking her sideways. Dana can’t keep her voice in check any longer. She is having a great time for simple reality hook up. Of course, we can’t really call it a full experience if she is not gonna choke on his dick. Dana now kneels down and had a go at it. As expected, she can’t prevent gagging since her partner for today is the one and only, James fucking Deen. It’s time for her to ride him now. She sits on that dick and moves in her own pace. But James eventually takes over and slightly gives her a rough fuck. Dana, now bending over, is taking his full glory. James gave his cum all over Dana’s face and modest tits. Her cum-stained chin and tits is now glistening like a piece of fuck art. They do a post-sex discussion on how they feel about this video.


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