Dani Daniels Gets Down in the Desert


Brunette chick Dani Daniels gets off work to get someone off in a particular setting. James Deen invites Dani to go for a drive. Once Dani gets in, they exchanged pleasantries and talk about whatever while James drives. Dani’s radiant personality mostly carried their conversation. After some time, Dani becomes quite playful mixed in with a little bit of horny. Dani even pulls up her skirt to show her pussy but unfortunately, this poorly placed camera is not getting everything. Goddamnit. James occasionally reaches over to touch that pussy. In exchange, Dani decides that its only fair if she gives James a head. So she scoots over to him and pulls out his cock. As James drives, Dani licks and sucks his dick. James is having a hard time concentrating because he is limited by what he’s doing. James really wants to play with Dani’s cunt but he’s driving. Eventually, he gives in and took a little risk and just went for it. You might think that texting, being drunk or making your girl gives you a blowjob while driving is the worst you can do while driving. These two will change your mind. Dani takes this up a notch by going on top of James starts getting fucked while he’s driving. Do note that they are doing this in a free way in the middle of the desert so it’s a little bit of okay to do this. But still, don’t try this. After a bit, they decided that they want to do a little hike in the desert. But it’s really hot so Dani took it all off. She went hiking wearing nothing. That’s awesome but they went to do something more awesome in the secluded part of the place. They went all the way with each other. Dani continues what she started. Dani sucked his dick and eventually bending over to offer her pussy to be fucked. They went at it for a while until he came to conclusion. He made a creampie.


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