Dollie Darko Thinks Pants are Overrated


Dollie Darko arrives looking like a schoolgirl who got bored and decided to skip her lessons for the day. She begins taking her clothes off, exposing her beautiful tattoos, leaving only her black top, skirt and her pair of black ankle-length boots on as she sits on the bed. Dollie begins teasing the person behind the camera as she shows off her bare big tits, big ass, and pinkish pussy. It did not take long for James Deen to approach Dollie, he is still fully dressed though. He kisses her on the lips, gauging whether or not she is prepared for some rough, sexy time. She responds excitedly, almost biting his lips. The two hurriedly strips their clothes off. James leaves nothing on while Dollie leaves a pair of printed socks on. James starts stimulating Dollie by eating her pussy until it is wet as fuck. He then thrusts his big hard cock into her pussy and fucks her as she lies on the bed with him humping her hard as he stands on the edge. He raises both of her legs and puts them on his shoulders creating more pleasure for both of them. He then puts Dollie on her fours, without pulling his dick out, and fucks her in the doggy-style position. James stops and pulls his dick out and Dollie takes his full-length member inside her mouth until it is hard and ready to fuck, again. The two continue on with their rough sex as they head to bed together. This time around, she rides his big hard cock in the reverse cowgirl position. James then takes control of their sexy time and fucks her in the scoop me up position. James and Dollie both reach their peak as they fuck in the doggy-style position. James Deen pulls his cock out from her pussy and fucks her mouth instead until he orgasms. He releases his cum all over her face and Dollie Darko, happily swallows, satisfied.


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