Eden Sin Is The Dirtiest Slut Ever


They said that there’s competition in everything that involves many things. Eden Sin, with one of the most ironic name we’ve seen, is on a quest to be one of the most competitive anal slut in the industry. Frankly enough, with her recent scenes, we think it’s okay to say that she’s actually succeeding. In another episode of backstage fuck fest, Eden is with James Deen casually making a behind the scene footage with James following Eden around with his camera. They went around for a little while until they caught themselves being so touchy in the showers. Keeping the competition alive, James talks his way into fucking Eden. As usual, he succeeds. They started that off inside the showers. Eden kneels down before the royalty of a dick of James. She started licking and sucking every bit of James’ package. But knowing James, good things won’t happen easily. James puts every length of his fat dick into her mouth, thus, making her gag. He does goes at it while grabbing her by the hair. Now that something is awakened inside James, Eden knows that she’s gonna get it. James dragged her and pushes her against the mirror wall. With her being bent over and being pressed against her reflection, James starts fucking her right in her ass. After sometime, James dragged her ass at the corner of the showers to let her sit down and spread her legs once more. With her legs wiggling in the air, James continued fucking her ass with the same force as before. James sits down eventually to have Eden ride his dick with her own pace. He is a nice man, after all. James moves her again after to the floor. Being on all fours, James continued his hard fucking from behind and again, in the showers to bend her over while standing up. This went on for a while until James made Eden kneel down for one last time to have her receive his cum.


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