Hope Came Over To Fuck


Hope, James Deen


Having ‘Hope’ for a stage name is quite optimistic. Teasing James Deen might give that name a straight 180º. But this girl is a fighter. Let’s see how far this girl can go bearing that name. Welcome to another episode of James Deen’s reality hookups, where girls get fucked as friends. Hope goes on offensive even at the start by wearing underwear, overcoat and nothing else. She goes around the house to find James. Once she does, she calls him out and drops the coat. This made James come over and start manhandling Hope. James gives her some smooches while his hands run around her body. He eventually pull out his fat dick and made her suck it. Slurping and gagging noises echo in the room. Hope bends over the couch and James starts pumping her pussy with big dick energy from behind. She eventually flips around and faces James while being fucked. Her leg just flops in the air while this happens. James lies down beside afterwards to fuck her sideways. They eventually go near the camera to some up-close and personal fucking. James sits down on the floor and Hope follows. Being rained down with sunlight, this gives a perfect view of her body glistening in the sun and her pussy being drilled hard from below. She went at it for a long time. After that, she pauses and starts sucking his dick again. James grabs the camera to get a POV on it. But soon after, James put it back down and starts fucking her while she’s on four on floor. Wow, that rhymed. Nice. James places the camera in a different angle, an angle closer to her cute face. Eventually, he placed it in another angle and made her ride that dick again. He climaxed at this position and made her swallow all of his cum.


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