Jade Nile's Massage Sex FTW


Jade Nile, James Deen


There are pain and discomfort in our body that can only be relieved by massaging or generally, just relaxing. But James Deen here have a different kind of discomfort and asks Jade Nile is she can do something about it. Turns out, this particular pain of James is coming from his dick area and only Jade can do something about it at the time. At the start, Jade gives a non sexual rubbing to James. She just played around and tangles herself to James’ body. The tension builds up until at some point, James just starts giving Jade some smooches and light finger banging. James flicks and rubs Jade’s pussy for some time. Eventually, Jade goes on top and starts sucking James’ dick. Jade’s mouth made sure that every corner of James’ crotch has been taken care off. After that tender loving blowjob, she goes on top and made her pussy take all the fat dick in. She bounces around for a while until James decides to do some work. Jade lies on her back and spread her legs and pussy open. James proceeds to fuck Jade’s cunt. He occasionally just shifts her legs’ orientation to give himself some variation. After some of that, Jade goes back on tap and starts moving on her own. She sucks that dick from time to time. But James knows that he’s nearing his climax so he kindly asks Jade to get back on the previous position for him to fuck her hard for the last time. When he actually reached his end, he just get his dick on top of Jade’s tits and jack himself off to completion making him pour his milky gratitude all across Jade’s cute tits. After that extreme fucking, they just lay down beside each other and talk for a while.


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