Kenna James Can't Stop Fucking Around


Kenna James is an unstoppable force if she wants a dick in her. Kenna starts off by taking few breathtaking selfies with her phone. Even though she already wears a risqué one piece, she decides to make it even more wild by taking few photos with her tits out. This is the part where things get interesting. James Deen enters the scene while Kenna is on the floor taking photos of her body. Kenna invites James to sit with her to review the photos she took. Something awakened inside James at this part; his hands just went their own way to fondle Kenna’s exposed small tits. She didn’t mind at all. Moving on, they stood up and just made out against the wall. He sneaks in a little light choking and she really likes it. She smiles to confirm that she likes it. He made Kenna face the other way and just start fucking her from behind. The choking didn’t stop here. He managed to do it for few more times. Kenna kneels down at one point to take care of his big dick. She choked on it for a while then they start fucking standing up. He lifts her one leg to make his passage easier to penetrate. After that, he tossed her on the bed to make things a little rougher for Kenna. He doubled the force of pounding Kenna which made her moan from pain and satisfaction. James chokes Kenna to put her in place. They changed their setting when he made her go on all fours on the floor and starts fucking her from behind again. The roughness didn’t cease here. He still maintained his power fucking even when the position is quite hard for him. When he’s done with her, Kenna kneels in front of him for cum time. He made sure that she swallowed all of it.


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