Jay Taylor Just Needs to Ask


James Deen, Jay Taylor


It’s quite common to hear “Just go for it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? ” when you tell your friend that you have taken an interest in someone. Usually, it will fuck with your mentality and emotions in some way. Jay Taylor here demonstrates one instance when you actually go for it. Jay apparently has a huge crush on James Deen. As an aspiring James’ piece of fuck meat, she seduces the man with her nerdy looks, but mostly with her tits and cunt. Once Jay takes it all off, she puts her heart out and starts sucking on his dick. We get a POV of this nerdy chick gagging on James’ dick. Jay was nice enough to make an eye contact once in a while. Once she gets her fill of some pre-cum, she now bends over and offer pussy to be fucked senseless. This transformed from POV to Amateur when James decides that he wants to pour his whole attention to this adoring fan. After some few adjustments, he now proceeds to stuff her pussy with his fat dick. He gets a little rough as he pin her down by holding the poor girl by the hair and neck. He eventually sits down and let her ride the dick. This made an access for him to kiss her and mess with her cute tits. Jay took a break for a while by sucking on his whole package— meaning including his nuts. She resumes the fuck-riding afterwards. James took over after a while and fucks her again from behind. He then takes this sensual fucking to the actual bed. He lifts one leg up and resumed what he was doing. He kept up his vigorous fucking until he’s in state of cumming. James pulls out and squirts his cum on her body. This eager lady made sure to scoop up the cum. You know, to make less mess. In essence, when you actually make a move for your interest, you get fucked.


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