Jay Taylor: Natural Nature Slut


James Deen, Jay Taylor


Jay Taylor wants to have a different kind of adventure. Nerdy doesn’t mean she can’t be kinky, so she sets course with her man, went outdoors for a walk and to find a good spot for sex. Jay’s get up is a combination of nerdy, sporty and undeniably sexy. The couple follows the trail. While they do, heat builds up on Jay, so she takes off her jacket, only to reveal that she’s wearing a gray sleeveless crop top which emphasizes her lovely curves. It’s a sight that could instantly set fire to a man’s veins. As soon as they’re both certain they are far away from other people’s eyes, Jay’s man secures the camera on a spot where they’ll both be captured. They started kissing hungrily, eager for each other’s touch. Beating the hot weather, their bodies are flaming with a heat can only be quenched by a good release. Jay whips out her man’s cock, gets on her knees and sucks it like it’s the only thing she lives for. With his pants down just below his crotch, he looks down at Jay and is amazed at how good she pleases him. When Jay feels that his cock is all ready for her cunt, she positions herself before him. Both standing, she bends over to make the penetration easier. Her man enters her from behind, his arms wrapped around her so they could keep their balance. She gives him another head before lifting her left leg and while her man holds it, he penetrates her cunt and pounds it real hard. He makes her bend against the rock and enters her from behind then finds a good place to lie down and make her ride his big dick. The all natural brunette keeps her pace while moving up and down his shaft. When he can’t hold back any longer, he makes her suck his cock until he came. His cum is all hers to swallow.


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