Jenna Justine's Road Head and In-House Fucking


James Deen and Jenna Justine are on the road. The sexual heat between them is starting to rise up but they are somehow ignoring it and just continue talking to each other. The two decided to go a little pit stop since they have been driving for quite a while. But the moment they got back inside the car, Jenna just couldn’t keep her hands and mouth to herself. She unzips James’ pants and hurriedly gives him a blowjob when his big cock sprang free. James didn’t have much of a choice so he drives back home in a flash. The next scene cuts into Jenna already butt naked on top of the bed. James comes into the picture still wearing his pants, and devours her pussy until she becomes soaking wet. She then grabs him and his dick, putting it inside her mouth and sucks until it hardens. As Jenna lies on the bed, James slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He fucks her in the missionary position and later on lifts her legs up for more pleasure. He then switches them into the doggy-style position without pulling his dick out. She moans at the sensation. Jenna and James continue having sex in the cowgirl position with her crazily riding his big hard cock. She then switches to the reverse cowgirl position, feeling his dick hit the right spots as she rides him. James pulls out and makes Jenna kneels on all fours. He teases her and surprises her as he rams his big hard on into her wet pussy. He fucks her again in doggy-style before letting her take control again. She opts for the cowgirl position again, rocking hard while she is on top of him until he is about to cum. James Deen fucks Jenna Justine in the mouth until he orgasms


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