Kacey Lane Takes Cock Sucking Selfies


The scene opens with Kacey Lane taking selfies of herself and her naked body as she lounges on a bed covered with purple and printed sheets. James Deen approaches with his pants unzipped and his big dick exposed. Kacey excitedly takes a selfie and a video as she takes his full-length member inside her mouth. She sucks his big dick until it is hard enough to start fucking. James, with his cock now hard and ready to fuck, takes all his clothes off. He stands on the edge of the bed as he thrusts his dick inside her pussy, Kacey still lying on the bed. He fucks her hard in the edge of the bed position. He then puts her legs together. He just loves the sensation of her pussy tightly wrapping around his dick. Kacey screams as he unstoppably fucks her. James, without pulling his dick out of her pussy, lies down beside Kacey. Her back in on her hairy chest. He humps her in the scoop me up position. James carries Kacey until she is on top of him, his dick still inside her as they switch to the reverse cowgirl position. Kacey loves this position so much that she ends up riding his big hard cock like crazy that he almost orgasms. Before he can even reach his peak, James pulls his dick out and takes some time to breathe. After he calms down, James enters Kacey’s pussy again and fucks her in scoop me up position. The porn stars then shift to the doggy-style position until James is ready to orgasm. With his dick throbbing, James pulls out once again. Kacey wants him to come inside her mouth no matter what. So she drags him closer as she lies on her stomach. James stands in front of her as she sucks his big hard throbbing cock. James Deen orgasms and releases his warm cum on her face. Kacey Lane enjoys her cum facial.


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