Kat Dior Ready For Rough Sex


James Deen, Kat Dior


Kat Dior goes on nude suit to seduce our dude, James Deen. Being a gentleman, he complies with the ladies advancement and made a fuck object out of her, as usual. Gather ‘round, friends. We’ll be seeing James fuck a lady’s brains out again. As Kat rubs her body James, she gets her tits and ass fondled in the process. When he’s into it, he gives her a little greeting by kissing. Now that, pleasantries are done, he brings out his big guns and starts forgetting that he’s dealing with a lady. He drags Kat on a platform starts roughing her up in a sexy way. He eventually pulls out his fat dick and let Kat suck on it for a while. Well, of course, she actually gagged on it. James occasionally tried reaching the back of her throat which is nothing out of ordinary. Kat now stands up and receives his cock by lifting on her legs to accommodate such large object into her pussy. It didn’t last for a long time as he made Kat sit down and gag on it again. Afterwards, he grabs her by the hair and drags her on the couch. Bending her over and sticking his fat dick inside her again. Kat tried making it sensual for several times by asking for a kiss but James is really into punishing this slut. He drags her again in the other couch for him to sit down and let her bounce up and down on his cock. Kat’s pain and pleasure echoes the room as James applies his roughness. James drags her for the last time on the platform where they started it. Bending her over again and fuck his way into climax. Once he felts it’s time, he made her kneel down and showered his jizzy gratitude all over her face.


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