Road Head And Three Sluts Lesbian Pussy Play on Las Vegas Sex Trip Part 7


A big trip with friends is not complete without doing something really awesome at the end. Like fireworks or something. James Deen with her merry friends Kate England, Alice March and Marilyn Moore decides to do the same thing except the fireworks will come from their cunts and his dick. This kind of events is the thing that makes them really different from others. Just so we’re clear, they have an interesting setup inside the car. The guys are in front to hold the camera and drive the car while the three girls are in the back. They talk about the things that happened on their Las Vegas Sex Trip and some laughter to go with. They even talked about Danny turning down everyone’s sex invite. Looking back, it’s really noble of him to turn his back from them. Anyway, the girls get a little giggly and frisky at the back. One second, they’re just talking and suddenly, they pull out some keychain-sized vibrators. Technology these days are really amazing. For the little time they got together in Vegas, the girls get a little closer to each other that it felt natural to watch them touch each other in naughty places. They used each other’s vibrators to give each other some good fun. They took turns on making each other feel good. After a while, they just tend to just their own. Quite a view to watch them get them off while lined up at the back of the car. This small confined space is filled with playful moans from them. It wasn’t long for James to join the girls at the back. It’s really impossible for anyone to resist the temptation. The girls did some girl power to team up and suck James’ dick. Sometimes, they just took turns on sucking that dick while the other two girls just have a go at each other. While it’s true that Alice did most of the work, Kate and Marilyn did a good job helping James unload his cum into Alice’ mouth.


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