Katie St Ives' Personal Sex Tape


James Deen, Katie St Ives


Katie St. Ives and James Deena are hanging out at the veranda. They share a cigarette as they have a conversation. Katie talks about how much she loves getting fucked. Even though she’s not very much into capturing the whole sexual experience on camera, she comes over James Deen’s house and agrees to film their sexual rendezvous. After finishing one stick of cigarette, Katie and James head back inside the house to begin fucking. With both of them still dressed, they head to a room with a bed covered in pussy red sheets, as red as their desire for each other, at that moment. Katie heads directly to the bed and waits patiently as James watches a TV program. The two hang out on the bed for a little while before the rough sex begins. James suddenly stands up and puts Katie on all fours. He fingers her asshole, then her pussy before devouring them. She is easily turned on as he already is. They hurriedly take their clothes off. James and Katie start fucking in the scoop me up position. Katie wants to ride his big hard cock and James lets her fuck him in the cowgirl position. His dicks hit her G-spot every time she moves, driving her crazy. Without pulling his dick out, they switch sex positions and continue fucking each other in the reverse cowgirl position. James, feeling that he is about to orgasm pulls his big dick out and rests for a little while. Katie is becoming impatient that she ends up on all fours facing his dick. She takes his full-length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until his cock hardens, once again. James Deen fucks her in the doggy-style position before switching to the missionary position with James standing at the edge of the bed. He finishes fucking Katie St. Ives in the scoop me up position. She is undeniably satisfied.


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