Abbie Maley (Wednesday Parker) "Fuck Me How You Want To"


Wednesday Parker is inside the bathroom. She watches herself in front of the mirror wearing a black sports bra and a pair of black knee-high stockings. She wipes something off of her face and unties her hair before heading out to the bedroom. She directly heads on top of the bed and goes on her fours as she acts cutely in front of the camera. James Deen appears on the video. It looks like he is holding the camera. He is no longer wearing anything that Wednesday hurriedly goes where James is sitting. She kneels down, grabs his big dick with her hands, her fingernails are freshly painted with orange nail polish and takes its full-length into her mouth, giving him a blowjob. Wednesday now sits on the edge of the bed with her back against his hairy chest. He is standing behind her. He puts her hair on one side, kisses her on the cheeks and slowly inserts his big hard cock into her shaved pussy as she goes on fours giving him more room. James harshly grabs her hair, pulling her towards him as he fucks her pussy. He really is good at fucking that he even fingers her clitoris as he humps her from behind. The sound of their skin touching and slapping against each other makes her hornier. He suddenly pulls out and makes her lie on the bed. He then puts his big cock inside her mouth as he fingerfucks her pussy. When Wednesday’s pussy is already wet, James thrusts his dick inside her tight pussy with him standing on the edge of the bed and lifting her legs up. He turns her to the side, putting her legs together. He loves the sensation of her pussy wrapping tightly around his dick. He then pulls his dick out, makes her lie on the bed, her face on the sheets and fucks her hard. The brunette beauty takes control of their sexy time. She leads James into lying on the bed as she hops on top of him. She guides his big hard dick inside her pussy and rides him in cowgirl. James is almost at his peak that he gets the control back and without pulling out, fucks her in reverse cowgirl hitting her G-spot. James Deen pulls his dick out from her pussy. This time for good. He comfortably sits down as Wednesday kneels down in front of him then sucks his dick. She repeatedly deepthroats him until he orgasms. Wednesday Parker willingly swallows his cum.


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