Presley Hart Big Booty And Tight Pussy


From the previous videos of James Deen, the women should know what happens when you invite him for a coffee. Presley Hart knows what happens and decided to meet up and get some coffee. They did do this and had a normal conversation for a while until they decided to back to their place and get something else. Something along the lines of getting fucked. Once at the room, Presley starts undressing herself. This reveals her big ass and nice tits. James comes and bents her over the bed. He gives her shaved pussy a little kiss. James also pulls out his fat dick for Presley to suck. She kneels down and gives him what he wants. At some point, James started showing signs of roughness but it’s nothing out of ordinary. When they’re fully undressed, Presley sits down on the bed again and James continues eating her out. He then stands up, grabs one of her legs to the air and starts fucking her hard. After a while, he grabs the other leg and put the two above his shoulders. Presley made a little intermission by sucking his dick again before going on all fours again. Presley’s shaved pussy now gets fucked from behind. She can only look back at James to show that she’s enjoying herself. James didn’t cease being rough. As he fucks her, he grabs her arm and used it as a handle. From time to time, he had the decency to lick her pussy. At the bed, James lies on the bed and let Presley go on top to let her do it on her own pace. Of course, that didn’t completely stopped James on being rough. When James felt he’s near his limit, he places Presley at the edge of the bed and starts fucking her until he can’t resist to cum anymore. He blew his load all over her face and made a little thumbs up and a smile together at the end like a rough fucking never happened.


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