Riley Reid And James Deen Are Fucking Amateurs


Riley Reid roams around the kitchen wearing a beige long-sleeved top and denim shorts. She rests on the kitchen counter, smiling brightly as she patiently for James Deen to approach her from behind. He wears a black long-sleeved T-shirt and denim jeans. James stands behind her touching every part of her body. Riley, at the same time, reaches behind her back and directly grabs his big cock. She is already horny and would obviously fuck right then and there. He hurriedly pushes her shorts down to knees and thrusts his dick inside her tight pussy. He humps her hard from behind, adjusting her to every position possible but it’s just not working. James pulls out. Riley kneels on the floor and takes his big cock inside her mouth. She sucks him hard until he is hard and ready to fuck. He puts him on top of the kitchen counter with legs spread widely. He then thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy fucking her in the missionary position. As she wraps her legs around his waist, her pussy hugs his dick tightly. James, without pulling his dick out, turns her to the side with her legs close to each other. The sensation of her pussy wrapped tightly around his dick drove him crazy. The porn stars the move to the black chair just beside the counter. James sits on the chair while Riley is on top of him riding his big hardon in the cowgirl position. James and Riley are now both fully naked. They go back to the kitchen and start fucking in the standing position. Every now and then, James would raise one of her legs for more access to her pussy. As James Deen fucked her hard from behind, Riley Reid squirts all over his big hard cock.


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