Sophia Grace Getting Slutty At Home


One part of moving up in life is showing what you did great to your friends. Sophia Grace invites James Deen over to show him her new house she got with her own hard work. Sophia shows him around the house while wearing her yoga outfit. We’re pretty sure that that is not a coincidence. She had another agenda and that involves James’ big cock. So, once the tour is over, Sophia invites James to one of the rooms to chill for a bit. It wasn’t long for James to pull out his dick and Sophia coming over to service the throbbing cock. She licks and sucks every bit of it with a smile on her face. Now that something is switched on inside James, he began controlling the flow of the situation and did things his way. After that nice blowjob, he asks Sophia to lie down. He now proceeds to embed his fat dick into her shaved pussy while pulling handling her by the hair. After a while, James made her bend over for him. He now buries his face in her ass for a while and buried his dick next. James now grabs the camera and sits down. Sophia follows him and starts sucking on his dick in POV. This slut is really addicted on having a fat dick in her pussy so she starts to go on all fours again but this time, it’s on the floor. James follows her lead and start going on top of her to get her pussy penetrated from above. Being on top is not his thing so he lie down on his back and have Sophia go on top too. But James takes over the position after a little while. He lifts one leg and continues fucking her. Eventually, the exchange position again. After a little while, they stand up and James made Sophia bend over against the wall for some more fucking. They also did some things on the floor but when James was near his end, they go back to the bed. They go on a doggy position until James was ready. When the time came, Sophia kneels down as James jacks off his dick and splattering his cum all over her face.


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