Abbie Maley (Wednesday Parker) Loves Rough Sex


Women who don’t like foreplays and just wants to get right into it are pretty rare. Having no foreplay and telling it to their friends can give you some eyerolls and some good time of judgment. But Wednesday Parker is different. She is the kind of woman who just likes the part where her pussy gets wrecked by a cock and just skips all the foreplay. After getting James in the mood for some fuck, she immediately goes on top of him to give him a good kiss before the things they’re gonna do. James does the same thing to turn her full on. As she goes on all fours in front of him, he plays with her pussy for a bit and buries his face to have a little taste. After few moments, Wednesday does the same thing, but she got some gagging action while James makes his whole dick a way into the back of her throat. Being on the same position, James gets up and goes behind her to fuck her now. He holds her by the hair and fucks her hard even at the start. It seems that Wednesday really likes this bit because they went at it for a while. Eventually, she flipped herself over to face James while he fucks her pussy hard. At one point, Wednesday gets on top to show the viewers some nice view of her body. With her nice tits and her pussy being fucked from below, it created some nice portrait. This positions gets repeated several times after until James decided that it’s time to end this little reality hookup he started. As usual, he covers the woman a nice load of cum to properly end it. Wednesday’s nice ass just gets a proper highlight at the end when James grabs the camera to get a closeup on her like he’s reviewing some car.


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