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Liv Revamped

Liv Revamped is here in porn and ready to make an impact. This fit Latina is petite and sexy. She is toned and athletic. Liv knows people like the way she looks. She has confidence in her appearance and sexual abilities. Liv likes to be submissive. She is naturally more dominant. Often times she will find herself in situations where she is in the drivers seat when it comes to sex. However, if Liv could have it her way, every man would dominate her and take her tight holes for themselves. She wants to feel used. Liv wants her asshole and pussy stretched open and fucked hard. She wants to be slapped in the face, held down on the bed, and told she is a good whore. Whenever Liv can find a guy to fuck her the way she wants, she is extremely happy.

Her confidence gets Liv labeled as a slut quite often. She doesn't want a relationship. Liv wants to have good sex whenever she wants, and with whoever she wants. She is not above slipping a sexy guy her number in order to meet at a later time for a late night pounding. Liv is the type of girl who will suck off a guy in his car outside of his office because she just wants to know what his cum tastes like. Liv truly is a good slut. She just needs to find the right person to make her feel like it.

Please cast your vote. | Avg Rating: 4.4

24:20 | 2019-04-12

Please cast your vote. | Avg Rating: 4.4

29:21 | 2018-08-29